Curbside & Delivery

Pinckney St. Takeout Window & Streatery
open for lunch:

Mon-Fri from 11AM-2PM
Dining Hours:
Mon-Thurs: 3PM-10PM
Fri: 3PM-12AM
Sat: 11AM-12AM
Sun: 11AM-10PM
101 King Street, Madison, WI


In March 2020, we created a quality and safe curbside and delivery program that continues to provide comfort and nourishment to us, our industry friends, and our guests during this pandemic.

Merchant, while dedicating itsself to being a community kitchen, is offering many of its signature dishes here including our The Merchant Burger, Nashville Hot Chicken, and Merchant Pork Pasta with SarVecchio, House Ricotta.

In addition to Lucille's pizzas, tacos, and salads, we will continue to feature our Bodega Box, which includes rice, beans, fried plantains and a daily protein entree will be offered for $10 per person, but $5 per person for the service industry and all students and free to Lucille and Merchant staff. *Discounted boxes only available at our togo counter.


Our curbside window for ordering in person is located at the Lucille To-Go Counter on S. Pinckney Street.

If you would like your order to be delivered to your vehicle, we have reserved spaces for you. Just give us a call at (608) 283-0000 upon arrival.

We also offer 3rd party delivery through EatStreet and GrubHub.